Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.



Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

What is Pricewatch?

Pricewatch is the online tool that changes the prices in your webshop. We check the prices of your competitors and update your prices , based on your pricing strategy.

How can I add competitors?

You can add competitors by selecting from a predefined list of webshops, create a competitor yourself thru our artificial intelligence tool or let us add your competitor.

How many pricing strategies can I use?

You can create unlimited pricing strategies in the dashboard. So if you want products from brand X to have another pricing strategy than brand Y, you are able to create them.

How do I know which prices changed?

You are notified in the dashboard for every price we changed in your webshop, bases on your pricing strategy. You can also download reports in CSV and PDF.

Can I see the price first?

In Pricewatch you have the option to see what price your product must be to meet the market. You decide if you want to send the price to your store, manually or automatically.

When can I get started?

You can open a 14 day free trial account with signing up. Your account is immediately ready to use. Connect your webshop in minutes and get started directly. 

Other questions?

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Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your plan comes into effect the following month.

How long are your contracts?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.

Which payment methods do you support?

We support all major creditcards and some local payment methods like iDeal, Mister Cash, Giropay and Alipay. Do you want to pay with another payment method? Please contact us.